Cool Tools

Hurricane Ready Apple Slicer

No electricity needed for this cool tool…I found this at a resale shop, though they are available at other retail stores. I’ve seen the new ones in a nice red color!

Spiral slice and/or peel an apple, cut through apple on one side and you have slices all ready for a nut butter spread or ready for dehydrating apple slices.




Omega vs Breville = Happy Worms

Tonight I tested the Omega (auger juicer) against the Breville. It was late and I didn’t want to juice a bunch…so I juiced 3 celery stalks and half a cucumber in each juicer.

The Omega made 6 ounces. The Breville made 6.5 ounces. The pulp was just a tad dryer in the Breville. Half an ounce won’t make the difference to me – I still love using the Omega. Clean up is easier on the Omega as well.

But since I will be juicing so much daily, the Breville makes more sense just because of the huge pulp holder and huge juice holder. I am just going to have to get use to the speed and sound.

Normally I feed my worms (I have a worm bin) the pulp from my juicing. Which is about a big glass every other day. (I have green smoothies on the other days) Anyway, this is going to be more than they can handle – going to have to start a compost bin or something! But they are going to be really happy. It’s been getting warmer and they have been eating more.
Raw Kitchen equipment


Recently someone told me that they didn’t have room on their counter for a juicer and blender. They hated always having to get it out of the cupboard and put it away. But they also had a big microwave and a toaster oven on the counters taking up precious real estate.

I found these great plastic black trays at a “dollar store.” I bought a bunch – I use them to grow my sunflower and buckwheat greens and my wheatgrass. It’s the perfect size. And I also put one under the blender and juicers. So I just pull it towards me and push it back when I’m finished. Also keeps some of that strong juice from staining the counters.

short vitamix pitcherLast year I bought one of those shorter pitchers that Vita Mix sells. They fit under the cupboard! Before I had to take the pitcher off before I slid it back against the wall.

Omega 8005

I bought this for juicing wheatgrass. I started with an inexpensive clear plastic hand crank juicer. I wanted to make sure I was going to keep up with this wheatgrass juice craze I was on. I did, so I upgraded to this awesome Omega 8005 from Then I bought the Breville JE900 (above right) because it came on sale at for under $100 and I couldn’t pass it up. I had been thinking about it for a long time. Turns out, I loved the Omega so much and use it for juicing so much, that the Breville has been ignored. The Breville is so fierce and fast! And loud, kind of like an airplane taking off.

I read somewhere that juicing with an auger was better because its slower and it doesn’t disturb it so much – something about speed of oxidation. Though it’s best to drink it right away, if you need to take some to drink later, this will not oxidize as fast. Don’t know if that’s true, just read it somewhere. Also, Ann Wigmore said that adding rejuvelac helps it to last longer. I add rejuvelac to everything – added vitamins, (lots of B vitamins) and beneficial bacteria.

I will probably use the Breville during the juice fast because it’s so much faster. The Omega I use for everything and the clean up is so easy. And its much quieter than the wheatgrass juicer I used at the Creative Health Institute – errrrr errrrr errrrr! I don’t remember what kind they had (have to go look at my photos). Let’s say you’re craving something sweet in the evening…I just drop a date or 2 in the Omega with some nuts and maybe raw cacao, then mix in some cinnamon and maybe some agave nectar. Instant yummy. And you can just make a tiny bit if you want. Those kind of raw sweets are so rich and satisfying – you only need one bite and you’re satisfied. Really!

Happy Juicing ~ Julie



I found a cool tool for making coconut ribbons. It’s a melon baller! If you are really gentle you won’t get any of the husk on the noodle, but if you do, just use a good peeler or the edge of a knife to scrap it off. Time consuming, but worth it.

If I’m not making noodles, I just use a spoon and scoop the coconut out.

Coconut Palms – another one of natures miracle plants!


The Excaliber Dehydrator is the leading dehydrator for serious raw foodists. Visit their website – it has a lot of great information. They have an article directed specifically to raw foodists explaining about enzymes and temperatures. It explains, in depth exactly what temperatures to dry your raw foods, in order to retain the enzymes.
“We have also done some experiments by soaking various seeds, dehydrating them at different temperatures, and soaking them again afterwards to see if they will sprout, and they did, which proves that the enzymes are alive.” Isn’t that cool!


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